NEW: ‘Misty Sea’

This is a very unique song! Misty Sea is an instrumental song made with MIDI sounds.
We like to call it ‘sountrack music’. PULSE the Project is now uploading all different kinds of music!!!
There are a couple more of these songs in our archive which will also be released someday. If you like it, please, don’t hesitate to spread the word and like us on Facebook!

Stay Tuned

PULSE The Project

The reason for the decision to go without a member guitarist is simply that nothing has changed in the last couple of years, which means that all songs are still written by Alissa. Unfortunately no guitarist had really helpful ideas to contribute to the songs. So it just did not work anymore. The patience and expectations are gone. Since Alissa has always played the guitar, little has changed for us. Youri still play the drums and there is no need for more musicians. We are however very interested to work together with other musicians in the future.

PULSE is now free to do whatever it wants. More intense and unique songs are going to be finished and released very soon. Now we can decide our own tempo and difficulty of the songs instead of refining everything for the sake of others. We also made this choice because of the constant pressure to perform, which we do not want. Our personal lives changed a lot over time due to different jobs and studies. With that in mind, this is the best option for us to continue making music, and above all… to really enjoy what we are doing!!!

Stay Tuned for more PULSE Projects.

Teacher of Hope

It has been a while since we have uploaded a new song!
So, without further ado, here is: Teacher of Hope!!!

This is a inspirational song straight from the heart.
Sure has some nice heavy elements in it, but also good grooving parts.

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See ya & stay tuned..


Time for a new song!!

What more to say.. This one says it all.
Again, nice riffs, great rhythms, powerful vocals, just a well-written song!

Listen and stay tuned for more in the meantime.

The Great Leap Forward

That’s the title of our newest song!
Life’s about taking many great steps forward, but there are always ups and downs.
This song is one of those you need to listen. It tells a lot and it has some great parts :)

Enjoy this special new song!!!

Here’s something new!

This new song is called ‘Hell came to earth’ and is one of our longest so far!
Check out the nice guitar and bass lines and it has some awesome changes.
This song very well written!! So CHECK IT OUT

Stay tuned!!

‘Now is not the right time’

HERE IS A NEW SONG! One you will never forget, it rocks, it’s heavy, this is one awesome new track called: ”Now is not the right time”.
Even though we are currently without a guitarist, that doesn’t mean we can’t make any music. Besides, all previous guitar tracks were also written and recorded by Alissa, the bass player.
We hope there will be a guitarist soon to finally take over that role. Anyway, enjoy!

And as always, stay tuned for more awesome songs!!!

‘The Journey’

Yeah, we’ve got two new updates!!

We released a new song ‘The Journey’.
This is one of our slower songs. Maybe our most mellow one so far.
Of course there’s more in the making. So don’t worry!

We’ve just add some awesome pictures to our gallery of our latest gig @ Hoogeveen live!
So check those out and stay tuned!!

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‘Big City’ Official Videoclip

Allright, here it is!!

We were in a fun mood, so we made a home-made videoclip of our song ‘Big City’.
We had a great time making it, and we’ll hope you like it to. This clip is produced by just the three of us, ENJOY!!