We all started making music a long time ago before PULSE even existed.
The band originates from Bovensmilde, a small quiet town in Drenthe (The Netherlands).
There we have our own rehearsal space where we jam and record our songs whenever we want. 

The name PULSE is inspired by the word impulsive, because that is actually how our music is created: impulsive and with a heartbeat! We believe that we do not fit in one genre, people seem to put our music in multiple genres such as: hard, heavy, progressive and melodic rock. All our demo’s are home recorded without any professional help or equipement.  

Each song is impulsive and born from a certain feeling or experience 

The process of writing songs is probably different than from how other bands handle this.
Alissa will come up with the ideas for a song and also is the first one to record her parts. Then after approval by the rest of the band, she continues finishing the song step by step. Almost every tune starts with the bass line which creates the distinctive PULSE sound. Then the guitar comes in to add important elements for the song. This process is important for all, but even more for Alissa because the vocal part will come in right after the guitar part is finished. When the bass, guitar and vocals are done, it is time to add drums. Youri and Alissa will set up the drums and start working on the project together and write the drums on the spot. This process always results in unique music. When all parts are finished, the mixing comes in. A part in which no one has experience. Alissa mixes the songs as well as she possibly can. Everything happens with our own skills, no auto-tune, segment or rhythm correction. Just the metronome and motivation is our key to success. 

The band recorded one full studio album (The Best Is Not Good Enough) with twelve unique songs, in a semi-professional studio (Studio Delay). Nowadays it may be all little out dated but it still gives a nice perspective. We are currently working hard to promote ourselves, planning gigs, practicing, learning more about music and more from each-other every day. PULSE is ready to share its music with the world. This music is unique and totally different from the rest! 

PULSE is inspired by bands like: Deep Purple, Rush, and many others.
But nowadays the band is mostly inspired by itself and all the things around it.
PULSE has a fresh, unique and raw sound. Expressive guitar riffs and unique solos, loud and clear heavy bass-lines, a great rhythm section with powerful, punchy rolls and raw female vocals which will take you on board of a heavy rock tour. 

Who’s PULSE?

Alissa – Bass, guitar, vocals and songwriter
Youri – Drums

Visit the Members page for more in depth information. 

If you have any questions or just want more information, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Stay tuned for more, 


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