PULSE Promoted by CDF Records

We are being promoted by CDF Records!!! Thanks to CDF, our song ‘Gone’ is now playing on serveral music stations in Italy. We’re hoping to reach more people this way, so pread the word! Check it out on Youtube, it already has over 12.000 views!

Studio work is done

Studio Update: We’re done!! The lyrics are all sung! Now it is up to the mixing. I’ts is going to take a lot of time because there are many songs to mix. We had a great time with lots of fun and hard work. We have yet again pushed our …

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Full-length studio album coming up!

Great news! Again we’ve visited Studio Delay to record a full length studio album. It’s going to be our Debut Album! We went in from 7 till the 11th of July to record 7 more incredible songs! We’ve kept a diary during the whole week, which became of course, a …

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The first studio visit!

We’ve decided that our music deserves a lot of attention, so we decided to visit a proffesional studio. We came up with the closed one in the neighborhood; Studio Delay. We’ve met with the producer Ronald and we discussed our plans. After that, the decision was clear. We’re gonna do it! …

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