I Felt A Dream

After waiting awhile it’s time to release some energy.
We’re proud to present our newest song: ‘I Felt A Dream’
This song has an personal touch to it, wich makes it special. It’s unique and we are quite proud of it.

Enjoy! And as always.. Stay tuned, because more songs are under construction…

Big City

It’s time to release a new song!

No more waiting! Here is our newest child, ‘Big City’
A song filled with nice elements! We’ve got heavy bass, grooves, nice vocals, well enough to listen to!!


Stay tuned for more!

‘Midnight Dreams’


What’s this!? Yes, we’ve just realeased our newest song!! ‘Midnight Dreams’.
This steady hardrock song has some crazy cool elements in it. Just listen and discover it all by yourself in the morning, afternoon, evening or in the night!

No more waiting! Here it is!

Faith is here!


We know that we’re quiet sometimes, but songs are still being written and there’s even more stuff we’re working on! Unlike most other people we don’t want to spam everybody with nothing new.
So now is a good moment….

We have released an new awesome song for you called ”Faith”
Do you have Faith???

Check it out, and let us know what you think!

A New Song Appeared

Amazing, how do we do it!?

It’s called ‘Cold War’. An uptempo song with again great riffs and varations.
This time it’s based on the current relation between the worlds’s greatest powers.
And we all know alot is happening in this world. So yes, you get great stuff out of it!!

There’s more coming soon, so stay TUNED


Victory Park

No more waiting, it’s here!! ‘Victory Park’ is our newest song!

This song is inspired by a experience in Russia. It contains new elements and has some suprising stuff going on!

We are very proud at this song. It’s new and can not be compared (again) with something else.

You can click on the link below or the souncloud player to the right.


Don’t be afraid, there are more songs in the making, so stay tuned for even more!!!!

Rock onn!!


We had an awesome gig at Speakers met Kopp’n! Now the online poll has started. This means you can listen to the songs of different bands. Ofcourse you will vote for PULSE.

Bands can win a gig for a new showcase @ Speakers met Kopp’n.

It would be awesome if you helped us out!!!!! Don’t hesitate and vote for PULSE. We have unique and awesome songs that needs to be heard man!

Go to: http://epoll.me/v/ACiyGBBcaNY and bring out your vote!!

Stay Tuned!!

Don’t miss it

Speakers met Kopp’n is already over! Check out some pic’s that was taken there. You can find them HERE :-) We had an awesome night. Nice bands and a good audiance.

We are rehaeresing new songs for our next gig.. That will be in Germany!! We’re going to play awesome songs for YOU, including a super new one you’ve never heard before!! So don’t miss it and be there when the action begins!

For the dutch readers, you can find a review of the night, click on the link below!



A new song online!

We are always working on new songs.. It demands time and effort.. some of that effort pays off.
And so we are happy to say that ‘Unstable’ is our newest song that is available for listening :)
This song has some nice riffs..ahh.. no spoilers just listen!

It’s awesome.. Stay tuned for more exciting stuff :D

Come see us @ Speakers met kopp’n


We’d would like to welcome Roy as our newest member of PULSE!
We will rock louder and better so come see PULSE at Friday the 19th @ Speakers met kopp’n in Hoogeveen.
Dont’t miss our awesome live show. We can’t wait to play loud and rock the night!!

Where is it?

Het Podium
Schutstraat 43
7907CA Hoogeveen

Spread the word!!

There’s more exciting stuff coming up, so stay tuned for more PULSE action!!