On Empty Streets!

Yeah some news is here!

As we’ve told you earlier, we are still working on new songs and such!
And we are very happy to release one true awesome new song called: ‘Empty Streets’
Well just check it out!!

We also announced it on the PULSE-facebook, so like it, share it, and enjoy it!!

Stay TUNED!!

Still Working

You might think, what’s going on!? Well, enough :-)

We still write songs and we still jamm! We keep it going!

There are some awesome songs that will be released soon!!

Follow updates on our PULSE-Music facebook and Stay Tuned for more!

Another Album Review Available!


Slug Magazine in Salt Lake City (USA) we’re kind enough to review our album ‘The Best Is Not Good Enough’

Want to know what they say?

Please click on the album cover below!

Thanks to:


Do you want this unique and suprisingly good album? Go to our webshop and order one now!!
It’s available for the world!



Metal Battle Was A Succes

The metal battle is already over!! Visit our GALLERY to get an impression!

We want to thank everyone who helped with this project and we want go back to rock again, we had an amazing time!

Follow us on the PULSE-Facebook and visit the 3voor12 page for info of the metal battle. (Dutch)

Stay tuned!


The first rehearsal of 2015

The past months of 2014 was a good one with at least one gig every week!

New targets for the band for 2015 are being planned as we speak.
Songs are in the making and the first rehearsal for our first gig this year is a fact!

Come see us on the 24th of january as we play live during the Metal Battle in Hoogeveen!

More details:


5 bands: Miscall, Sunburn, PULSE, Wulfenross + Special guest (Shade of Hatred)
The first band starts at: 20:00

Het Podium
Schutstraat 43
7907CA Hoogeveen

Again we want to wish every one a happy and exciting new year!

Stay tuned for more awesomeness!!

A impulsive new year is comming!

It’s almost 2015 and we leave the exciting adventures in 2014 behind!
We´ve written and recorded unqiue and crazy new songs, recorderd our first studio album, played live on many different stages and met lots of people!!

We’d would like to thank everyone who helped us in 2014 with live gigs and promotion.

We hope to rock even harder in 2015 because there are new challenges to face…!!

Follow us and give us a like on the PULSE-Music Facebook, explore songs on our Soundcloud and support us live in 2015!!

A happy new year to everyone!

The final BOSS ‘live on stage’ night!

This Saturday 13/12/2014 will be the last gig of the current BOSS ‘live on stage’ Pilot Tour.
We had an awesome time playing and seeing other bands in previous BOSS gigs and we’re happy we were chosen to participate on this tour! Don’t miss the final one, come see us at the Bolies Pub in Winschoten!

It starts at: 21:00
Boelie’s Pub
Place: Winschoten, Venne 92, 9671EV Winschoten
Entrance = Free

Follow the link below to visit the BOSS Facebook and sign up!


Boss Pilot Tour

Our debut ‘The Best Is Not Good Enough’

‘The Best Is Not Good Enough’ and that’s what it is!
The first album of PULSE and without any further ado,

it’s ready for you!

You can buy it worldwide for only €12,99,- in our webshop by clicking on our album cover below!

It’s loud, unique, awesome, great and something you never heard before!

Stay tuned for more upcoming news!




Showcase Festival! Speaker met Kopp’n

Yeahh!!!! PULSE is chosen to play at the showcase festival Speaker met Kopp’n.
See our gigs for more info.
It is a great chance to show many people what we’re made of. We are going to rock the place down.
We can play our 4 best songs and win awesome spots on various stages. It is an important day for us.
There are also lots of other great bands coming that day. So you better come check it out!