Album and gig facts.

The album design is almost done and the mixing is going very well. The Best is Not Good Enough sounds heavy… Just the way we like it.
A lot of new songs and sounds open up a different view of the impulsive PULSE.
Soon we’re going to open our webshop where you can order the album.
It is an album you can’t miss!!!!

There are also lots of gigs coming in the fall. The band is working hard to promote, rehearse and evolve.

Things are going well.

PULSE Promoted by CDF Records

We are being promoted by CDF Records!!! Thanks to CDF, our song ‘Gone’ is now playing on serveral music stations in Italy. We’re hoping to reach more people this way, so pread the word!

Check it out on Youtube, it already has over 12.000 views!

Studio work is done

Studio Update:

We’re done!! The lyrics are all sung! Now it is up to the mixing.
I’ts is going to take a lot of time because there are many songs to mix.
We had a great time with lots of fun and hard work. We have yet again pushed our boundaries and tested our limits.

It was a musical journey!

The album title and number of tracks will soon be revealed…


Full-length studio album coming up!

Great news! Again we’ve visited Studio Delay to record a full length studio album. It’s going to be our Debut Album! We went in from 7 till the 11th of July to record 7 more incredible songs!

We’ve kept a diary during the whole week, which became of course, a journal!

You can read the journal down below.


Studio updates: Day 1 & 2:

We have spend around 22 hours in the studio already! Man… what a great experience and man what a results! We’ve finished recording all the guitar parts, bass parts and solo’s. Also the first line of vocals are done and the drums has already cleared one song. The number of tracks on the abum will be a secret, for now…….


Studio updates: Day 3 & 4:

Drums drums drums. From 9 in the morning till dinner time, it was all drums. Then, in the evening a lot of great vocals. The second line of the vocals are almost done!
The next day was again planned for the drums. Great fills and tight beats. The drums is a rap!!!!! Time flies.. We’re heading for our last in the studio day already.

With all the music now done, it is time to finish the songs with a bit more remaining vocals.

All songs are sounding grrrreaaat!!! We can’t wait to share.
We also designed a few covers for the cd and the title is now known.


Studio updates: Day 5 the final day.

No! it is not the final day. We’ve decided that we’re comming back on wednesday for the last crucial things. It takes al lot of time to listen carefully to all the tracks and decide what needs to be done. The vocals are the only thing left that is waiting for it’s perfection.
There were so many songs that had to be sung, that the voice wasn’t able to make it happen on just one last day.

After all, we are happy to say that we had enough time, and we have achieved our goals.
We’re proud at each other and at all our songs. The album is gonna be greatttt!


Stay Tuned for more news!

The first studio visit!

We’ve decided that our music deserves a lot of attention, so we decided to visit a proffesional studio. We came up with the closed one in the neighborhood; Studio Delay. We’ve met with the producer Ronald and we discussed our plans. After that, the decision was clear. We’re gonna do it! So we visited the studio on the 16, 17 and 18th of April.

We’ve recorded 4 amazing songs; Amalgamation, Gone, Between The Bridges and Look At The Sky! Excited as we were we surrendered ourselves to the studio and what an experience it was!

Down below is the Journal of those amazing days!


April 16th, day 1
At the first day we’ve recorded the whole bass and guitar lines for all 4 songs! We also did the first line of vocals. After a 12 hour day from 9 ’till 9 we’re very proud of the results and ready for more! Not to bad for the first day in the studio. Tomorrow is drums and guitarsolo day.

April 17th, day 2
We started around 9 in the morning with Francis doing all the guitar solo’s for all 4 songs. Now all the guitar parts are done! Then at 12 o’clock Youri started to work on the drums. Now, with only one more song for him to go, we’ve recorded 3 whole tracks! After supper, Alissa worked ’till 9, and did the second line of vocals which are now 90% done. Another good day at Studio Delay.

Tomorrow is the third and final day. We will be recording the last drumtrack, put the finishing touch on vocals and let the mixing begin!

April 18th, day 3
The final day.
At 9:30 in the morning, the band arrived and Youri was getting ready to finish the last song. Then a bit more vocal work and that was it, we are done with all our tracks!! We all listened carefully to the 4 songs and we’re very very happy with the results. It took less time than we expected and we have achieved our goals. We can’t wait to do this again!

A special thanks to Ronald for producing.