Hi, I am Alissa, Bassist, Guitarist, Vocalist and songwriter of the band PULSE.

I was born on the 12th of May 1991 and after seeing my first Deep Purple music dvd I was hooked, interested, and ready to play music. When I was 11 years old I got my first own bass guitar and started practicing right away! When I was able to play some songs, I soon started my first band. At the same time, I also took 5 years of lessons from a local guitar teacher. Since then I never took music lessons of any kind. Music still is and always will be my greatest love, it gives me the opportunity to express myself in good and bad times, to ventilate. To process experiences and thoughts through music is a beautiful way to secure memories of the past. Fortunately enough, I could use (and still use) the shed from my parents to practice and record in. It is my lovely ‘woman cave’ where I come to rest and chill. I played in a few bands throughout the years, did some fun gigs, and started to develop my musical skills. I was around 15/16 years old when I started to write my own tunes. My confidence and skills grew and I was ready for a more serious band.

Then I got in touch with Youri, a drummer who I had known since elementary school. We met, started playing, and had some great fun together. Throughout the years we sadly had not seen each other much because we were at different schools and did not have enough time to make music or maintain our friendship. We luckily always shared the same passion for music and the way it should sound and be made, we soon would meet again. To me, our friendship is the energy on which PULSE thrives on. We have played with different guitarists in that period of time, however without any success. We also were jamming just with the two of us, these were the most fruitful sessions. Back then my skills as a songwriter grew and I wanted to add more challenging riffs and pieces to spice up our music. And for as the vocals go, I never intended to be a singer. I lack professional music education, but at the time, there was no one else capable and willing to do fulfill that role. It took me a few years to get comfortable with that.

 In 2012 we formed PULSE, and throughout times a couple of guitarists joined us but unfortunately weren’t skilled enough to play the riffs I wrote. Later on, I stopped caring about guitarists and having a real band, all I wanted to do was record my ideas and create new songs. So I just started to play the guitar by myself. It was a great feeling, I felt proud and wanted more. Besides playing bass and singing I also play drums and guitar! Sometimes I even make electronic music with MIDI instruments, we call those songs ‘SOUNDS’ or ‘soundtrack music’. Every song I wrote is mostly created and recorded on the spot. That is the way I like it: Impulsive! My role in the band is simple: songwriting and providing songs to record and share. I am lucky to play multiple instruments and to have a strong determination to achieve my goals. My persistence in writing songs has led to the creation of over 150 songs! However, I lack a certain willingness to be on top of media and promotion. I am fine with just writing songs, playing bass, and singing.

Inspirations are: Rush, Deep Purple, Ария, Би 2, Кипелов, Headstones, Paul McCartney and Noel Gallagher, but I honestly get inspiration out of every, and I mean every source around me!

Gear: Musicman bass, TC-Electronic amps and Rotosound strings.

Other hobbies besides music: Travelling, learning history and developing languages, chilling with friends.