Hi, I am Youri the drummer of the PULSE-Project.

Born on the 8th of March 1991, I started to get interested in music at a young age. When I was around 10 years old I started to play drums and bought my first kit. Ever since then I started practicing and surely but slowly got better and better. After my confidence grew I bought a new and much better drumkit, a Pearl Export. This improves my sound and my motivation which led me to play even more. Then I also wanted to expand even more, so I started to make adjustments to my cymbals too. I improved with the help of Paiste cymbals. The sound was just what I needed in my playing. Even now I still like to get new stuff to experiment with.When I was 14/15 years old I got in touch with Alissa, who I already knew from elementary school. I even saw one of her first gigs there! When we decided to fool around with music we became best friends. We decided to form a band in 2005 or maybe even earlier, we came up with a three-headed band called XXL. We played a few gigs in the neighborhood together but had no further success. The band existed for 6 years.

When XXL ended, Alissa and I remained with nothing, no gigs or whatsoever. We did not play together very often anymore. Then I had to take a break from music because I was full-time occupied with school and work. I did not see Alissa for a long time because we both went in different directions. Our friendship however and the passion for music always stayed the same. After a few years, I decided to pick up drumming again, I was really serious about it. This time, obviously I found out that I could not live without playing music after all. I immediately called Alissa to see if she was as enthusiastic as me to jam and start something new. We had grown somewhat older, but from the moment I walked into her house again, the friendship had not changed a bit and we were ready to rock again!Of course, we started jamming right away without any hesitation. We tried to form a band but guitarists came and went. None of them could share the same passion for our music. After a few months of steady playing, we started PULSE in 2012. As was said earlier, guitarists weren’t on the same level, but we had a great time personally though. We recorded an album and did some awesome gigs in different formations. After the band broke down again we decided that the two of us would continue.

I remember Alissa once said she had some very nice ideas for new songs. Better riffs and more complicated parts! I sure was enthusiastic about that! So we recorded a lot of those songs. But again PULSE as the band still didn’t work as we hoped. So we changed it to PULSE-Project. We still write great songs and they are getting better every time. We are able to jam the songs with just two of us in a comfortable setting. We are able to work with people over the world if we want to for solos or other stuff. Our music really should be heard because it’s unique and rare!

Inspirations are: Toto, Rush, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Noel Gallagher, George Harrison, The Beatles, and much more!
Gear: Pearl Export drumkit, Paiste cymbals, Pro-mark and Regal Tip sticks, Evans/Remo skins.

Personal: I drive trains for a living. Ever since I was little I liked trains so why not make my work out of it! And If I don’t make music or drive trains, I like to chill with friends and being around in the country.